Free Expedited Shipping over $100 across CANADA and the USA
Free Expedited Shipping over $100 across CANADA and the USA
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A-listers Savings! The A-listers deliver childhood dreams of brand-name children's toys, games, arts and crafts and now every day items from chocolates to candies to household items and everything in between! We’re a proudly Canadian owned and operated company that’s passionate about our customers, our business, and the quality products we sell. We're always here for customer support; by phone at (647) 365-4869, or email at, as well as via online chat

The Reviews

Ariadne B.

Thank you so much! This service really shows how kind your company is!

Kim V.

Oh wow!! Thank you very much!! You have exceptional customer service!!

Have a great day!

Tom A.

I am a former Disney executive and this is how Disney treats its guests.

You are awesome...

Jeff B.

I thank you for the refund. I also received both boxes today with all the products I ordered. You are awesome to deal with and again I thank you for that. I know who I can deal with in the future.

Michael D.

Thank you again for catering our latest event with Kids toys and presents,

we appreciate the hard work second time around.

We are returning customers and thrilled!!

Waleed M.

Thanks very much for the quick and prompt response and resolution...

Richard H

Wow, I am impressed. Thank you for making that so easy, You are an awesome seller, and I would definitely purchase from you again in the future.

Kay A

I received the product and it is New as described; happy with my purchase